Research topic

Design of sustainable materials and processing based on electrochemistry and thermodynamics

[Academic staff]
・ Professor Tetsuya Uda
・ Associate professor Kazuaki Toyoura
・ Assistant professor Naoyuki Hatada
・ Assistant professor Akihiro Kishimoto

・ New smelting methods for rare metals
・ Titanium production processes
Microscopic visualization of zinc electrodeposition process
・ Non-ferrous metal recycling processes
・ Intermediate-temperature fuel cells using proton-conducting electrolytes
・ Softwares for utilizing thermodynamic data
・ First-principles  pictures of proton conduction in oxides
・ Materials design & exploration for novel proton-conducting oxides
・ Materials design & exploration for chemical heat storage materials


Design of Sustainable Materials & Processing, Department of Materials Science & Engineering, Kyoto University
Room 618, Faculty of Engineering School of Engineering Science Bldg.
Yoshida, Sakyo, 606-8501 Kyoto, Japan
Tel 075-753-5445 Fax 075-753-5284

Laboratory of Non-ferrous Extractive Metallurgy



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